Ep025: Understanding Pet Behavior: Enriching the Lives of our Feline Friends with Steve Dale


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Are you a pet parent who can confidently say ‘I love my pets and I advocate for their health’?

Making sure that your pet babies are having a well-maintained life is something that might be easy for some but is a total mess for others. There are veterinarians here and there, pet care websites around the web, but a lot of people still have no idea what actually makes the biggest plot twist of happy and healthy pet life.

Do you want to make a fear-free environment not only for your pets but also for all the pet babies at any place around the world? It is through you that the difference starts! No pet parent would like to see their babies in terrified states after all.

As well as being a certified animal behaviour consultant, Steve Dale is a host of three radio shows, appears on TV, speaks at conferences around the world, and contributes to books and magazines. He has reached more pet owners over the past few decades than any other pet journalist in America.

In this episode, Steve speaks about pet care and how you can make a difference in pet behavior. Steve unravels the fear-free practice in today’s episode as he mentions how most dogs and cats feel terrified around veterinarians, and also makes it on point on how being able to recognize the reason behind your pets’ action is a life hack in a fear-free pet life.

What you will learn from this episode:

  • Understand what fear-freeing is and how it positively affects animals and homes;
  • Find out how you can be a better pet parent through being able to recognize the reason behind your pets’ actions; and
  • Discover how you can be of help towards feline health’s improvement through websites that advocate for your cats and pets.

If your pet is uncomfortable or terrified of going to the veterinarian, the simple answer is don’t go.

– Steve Dale

Topics Covered:

08:23 – Steve describes his ideal client: Everybody – mainly veterinarians, technicians, and pet parents.

10:24 – Problem he solves for his clients: The presence of separation anxiety with dogs, and questions about behavior patterns that affect the pets.

11:54 – The mistakes: “Going to the wrong people to get the answer.”

15:29 – Steve’s Valuable Free Resource: Visit EveryCAT Health Foundation at https://everycat.org/ – a foundation that takes their vision for cat health and welfare into another level through paving way for the future of feline medicine.

17:53 – Steve and the Secret: What is Steve’s biggest secret in relation to iCAT?

Key Takeaways:

“It is argued that the number one (1) cause of death for companion animals in America isn’t kidney disease or heart disease. It’s actually behavior.” – Steve Dale

“No pet parent wants their dog to be terrified of thunderstorms.” – Steve Dale

“No matter what the problem is, all wounds – that problem – can be rectified.” – Steve Dale

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