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The VETT™ Method is designed explicitly for independent, small animal, veterinary practice owners who want to grow their businesses, have more time, and enjoy their practice, all through their team, easily and quickly.

By focusing on injecting service and quality standards which improve the value of your practice The VETT™ Method protects against corporate discounters who tend to concentrate on cut-price commodity products and discounted commodity services.

The VETT™ Method takes complicated concepts and creates simple systems that are easy to implement and that quickly get you the results you are looking for.

The VETT™ Method applies practice-wide benchmarks to ensure that you and your team stays focused on improving those measures that lead to practice success. This means that we measure real and substantial change.

We are not aware of another comprehensive program that immerses your practice in the processes and trains your team on how to operate those processes. This transforms your practice from “random acts of management” into a culture where people want to perform at levels of global excellence.

VETT Model


Documented roles and tasks, templates and protocols, simple instructions


Skills, knowledge, behaviours


Workbooks, videos, demonstrations


Plans, goals, performance meetings


Revenue, profits, satisfaction


Standards, practice pillars, professional development meetings

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The VETT Method

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The VETT Method

9 Steps to the Perfect Consult

The consultation is the HEART of veterinary practice. Most medical work generated starts in the consulting room.

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the perfect vett consult

The VETT Method


The Perfect Veterinary Consult

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