Ep 031 A Coach in Your Corner with Rachel Teichberg


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As sad as it is, most people aren’t actually aware that there are countless individuals who can help them solve a problem they’ve been having a hard time dealing with.

Did you know that that is actually because you’re trying not to ask for help?

Having a professional by your side as you commit to the things that you really want can completely turn your tables around, both as an individual and as a person in the veterinary med!

The things that hurt you are the things that you do not know – much more of a reason for you to seek help.

Are you aware of your situation right now? Do you know where it is that you want to go? How can you take a step in that direction?

Rachel Teichberg has worked in both General and Specialty practices and is a Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner, a Certified Veterinary Business Leader, and a Certified Trainer in Workplace Conflict Resolution. Although she has a deep love for pets, she has found that her true passion is working with people in veterinary medicine.

In this episode, Rachel discusses how a coach can help you thrive in your practice and why asking for help isn’t something you should fear. Here, she shares insights in relation to stress and burnout and gives valuable tips you can try in order to start your journey towards achieving your goals without getting overwhelmed.

What you will learn from this episode:

  • Understand the importance of acknowledging your emotions while working in your practice and why you should get ahead of those;
  • Discover why it is a mistake that people don’t ask for help; and
  • Find out how much of a game-changer it is that you get to have a coach guide you in achieving the goals you have for your practice.

“People don’t just come into Vet Med. We come into it because we’re passionate and we deeply care.” Rachel Teichberg

Topics Covered:

01:55 – Rachel describes their ideal client: Veterinary practice owners and leadership teams – mostly those in private practices – who are looking for someone to help them solve the problems that are putting fire on their business.

03:45 – Problem she solves for her clients: The stress and overwhelm that practice owners and teams are feeling. Veterinary Growth Partners (VGP) helps clients decrease this stress and overwhelm so they can focus on their goals for the practice.

07:13 – The typical symptoms/pain points: The presence of post-burnout and compassion fatigue – people giving up on their passion. Also, there’s the overall chaos in the practice – increasing tension in teams which leads to conflicts and mistakes.

11:35 – The mistakes: (1) Ignoring the problem, (2) waiting for the perfect time to make a change, (3) thinking that it will just go away on their own, and (4) not asking for help.

13:52 – Rachel’s Valuable Free Action: “Sit down and do a top three to five weaknesses or opportunities exercise. You can do this as an individual, but if you’re working in practice, get your team involved in this one. Do a poll where you can ask each member of the team about their thoughts on the biggest areas of weakness and opportunities for your practice. Take all that data and consolidate it. Figure out what are your priorities and the team’s from that.”

18:26 – Rachel’s Valuable Free Resource: Visit Veterinary Growth Partners’ social media channels on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

20:31 – Q: What is the free tip that I have? A: “Can I live with it, can I manage it, or can I end it?”

Key Takeaways:

“You can take care of the animals while you go take care of the people. It goes hand-in-hand.” – Rachel Teichberg

“It’s really important to get ahead of that stress and overwhelm, or at least acknowledge that it exists.” – Rachel Teichberg

“We have to be pretty specific about the things we think are holding the practice back.” – Rachel Teichberg

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