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The mission of The VETT Method Podcast is to bring proven team training concepts to Independent Veterinary Practice Owners who want to Grow Revenues through a High-Performance Team. We deliver one idea to boost team productivity using our “7 questions in 7 minutes.”

Sanjay in Action

Sanjay Mangabhai

Sanjay is a veterinary surgeon with 31 years’ experience in first opinion, small animal veterinary practice, including 19 years starting, developing and growing a 5-vet, 3-site, veterinary group with revenues in excess of £1 million. And because he progressively took himself out of the value delivery loop, the practices ran without his direct input – something Sanjay is very proud to have achieved. This gave him more free time, increased financial return and greater personal reward.


Our Audience & Reach

Your interview will be sent to a growing audience of highly engaged email subscribers and through Social Media. Our audience are mostly professionals in independent veterinary practice. We’ll set up backlinks from Social Media sites as well as our own website, all with the goal of driving traffic to your nominated Landing Page. These backlinks will stay in place for many years.


Sanjay has genuine hands-on, in the trenches, experience. He doesn’t just know the theory, he has been there, dealing daily with all aspects of running and managing a modern and successful veterinary business – making those difficult decisions, dealing with the chaos, all the challenges, taking risks with people and new services, getting vets to charge properly, coping with the frustrations of staffing, the disappointments, and …. also overcoming the challenges and experiencing the joys and successes.

Over many years, he has personally and meticulously documented a multitude of practice protocols and processes and developed specific training systems for successfully organizing and optimizing the productivity of a team of 23, across the group. This enabled his business to grow and run successfully, without him working directly in it.


The Format

The VETT Method Podcast uses a 7-minute format. You’ll have 7 minutes to answer 7 questions with webcams on!
  1. Who is your ideal client?
  2. What is the problem you solve?
  3. What are the typical symptoms people experience with that problem?
  4. What are the common mistakes people make when trying to solve that problem?
  5. What is one Valuable Free Action (VFA) that the audience can implement that will help them solve that problem?
  6. What is one Valuable Free Resource (VFR) that you can direct people to that will further help with that problem? (this is where you nominate your landing page)
  7. What is the one question that I should have asked you that I didn’t?

Please read the following carefully!

This meeting is for being interviewed for my “The VETT Method” Podcast.

Provided the interview goes well, it will be distributed to as many people as possible and we’ll publish long lasting backlinks to your nominated landing page.

  • It’s webcams on  
  • Sanjay will welcome and introduce you using your short bio.  
  • Then the interview commences, and you’ll have just seven minutes to answer the seven questions listed above.

(These questions will be included in your confirmation email, but you might want to copy them as well)  


NOTE 1: Please make sure your microphone is high quality and you’re in a quiet space for the interview.

NOTE 2: You need to be on a high capacity internet connection which in most cases means cable, not wireless. A hotel wireless will probably not handle this well.

Remember: The interview is conducted with webcams on, so don’t be having a bad hair day!

Best, Sanjay Mangabhai


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