Ep024: Working On, Not Just In Your Practice with Peter Weinstein


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As humans, we naturally strive to achieve goals. We tend to work as hard as we can in the belief that it is through hard work that we get to achieve our goals and dreams. However, working harder as you go deeper into the quicksand isn’t really what you’ll want to have as an experience both in business and in life.

Do you want to be able to start working on things that you do and quit the habit of just working in it? 

Do you want to know how you can achieve your goals without having to sacrifice the time you should allot for yourself? Have you realized that it’s time for change but you haven’t felt the drive to start working yet?

It is only through having the desire to be better tomorrow than you are today that you get to do things that work for you. As Peter says, stop the doing and start the thinking! 

This episode with Peter Weinstein will bring you to a series of realizations as we dive deep into the world of veterinary practice.

Peter Weinstein is a father, a veterinarian, a leader, a visionary, and a disruptor all in one body. As a former hospital owner, Peter has been involved with all levels of the veterinary profession for over 30 years. He is a co-author of Michael Gerber in The E-Myth Veterinarian and was the 2018 Practice Management Speaker of The Year at the Western Veterinary Conference.

In this episode, Peter talks about spending less time and energy in doing things that you do and still getting closer to your life and professional goals. Here, he mentions how working smarter actually drives you towards enlightenment and success and shares tips for you to try in order to successfully achieve goals without wasting time.

What you will learn from this episode:

  • Understand the essence of working on your practice instead of just working in it;
  • Discover ways on how you can be successful without spending too much time working; and
  • Find out why a smart practice is the ultimate solution in dealing with a chaotic living.

“It’s how we respond to our experiences that ultimately determine our outcomes and our success.”

– Peter Weinstein

Topics Covered:

01:47 – Peter describes his ideal client: a dedicated, focused, committed, and honest leader and their team.

03:21 – Problem he solves for his clients: The presence of chaos control in most people’s practices due to the overflowing amount of knowledge and technology we can tap into today.

05:10 – The typical symptoms: The experience of exhaustion and burnout from spending too much time working in practice instead of working on it.

07:06 – The mistakes: Working harder as you get deeper into the quicksand.

08:52 – Peter’s Valuable Free Action: “Work on – not just in – your practice. Take time, go sit on a mountaintop, and think about your practice. Stop the doing and start the thinking. Create a vision going forward.

10:46 – Peter’s Valuable Free Resource: (1) Leaders are readers; (2) Leaders surround themselves with their weaknesses so they can focus on their strengths; (3) Have a true vision and direction that you can pursue.

13:31 – The Final Question in Peter’s perspective: “How do we do all of these things?”

Key Takeaways:

“Veterinary is a team sport. We can’t do what we do as veterinarians without finding a group of individuals who can work with us, with each other, and come together. They need to come together to truly win.” – Peter Weinstein

“Time is a commodity that we can’t get back once we spend it. It is extremely important that we make appropriate utilization of our time so that we have time for ourselves as well.” – Peter Weinstein

“Working harder is not the solution. Working smarter is.” – Peter Weinstein

“If you are not good at something, find somebody who can do that for you. Don’t try to be everything to everybody. Focus on what you do best and delegate the rest.” – Peter Weinstein

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