Ep027:Falling Back in Love with Vet Med with Leni Kaplan


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Do you always find yourself failing at keeping your mind off work even on your day-off schedules and the holidays? Are you the type who gives your all to help everyone else, but have never treated yourself as your own VIP? Do you usually have heavy feet while preparing for work as you feel the overwhelming exhaustion even when you haven’t done anything yet?

You might have been guilty of doing so much at work and at home that you’ve already forgotten how to enjoy even the smallest things in life!

Loving what you do is a vital thing that will lead you to success, but loving yourself while loving your profession is what you actually need to run the engine towards both gold and bliss!

Join us today as Leni Kaplan speaks to remind you of who you are and make you fall in love with your profession again!

Leni Kaplan has been a Small Animal Practitioner for 21 years – including working in emergency and general practice and has been teaching future veterinarians since 2014, three years before earning her professional life coach certification a few years ago in 2017. Leni helps professionals leave work at work so off duty means off duty.

In this episode, Leni discusses how important it is for you to deal with the anxiety and overwhelm at work in order for you to perform better both at home and in your profession. Here, she talks about the negative effects of not putting yourself first thought you’re all-in to help everyone else, as she also shares ways you can practice so you can learn how to treasure both yourself and your work as well!

What you will learn from this episode:

  •  Understand how affective anxiety and exhaustion are in your practice of enjoying   what you do;
  •  Discover the wonders a personal protected time makes; and
  •  Get yourself back to love your profession again and remember what got you there in the first place.

“Until you start to get off your couch and walk, you’re not going to get anywhere towards running the marathon.”Leni Kaplan

Topics Covered:

01:32 – Leni describes her ideal client: Anyone in the veterinary profession – especially those with type A personalities – who never put themselves first and has been failing at self-care.

02:57 – Problem she solves for her clients: Among all else, the presence of overwhelm is one of the biggest problems.

05:48 – The typical symptoms: (1) Blaming other people and never taking responsibility for what our role is, and (2) worrying about and prioritizing everyone else before yourself.

08:23 – The mistakes: Saying things like ‘I am going to go home and take care of me’ but not actually doing it, and assuming that everyone else will get mad once you advocate for yourself.

09:45 – Leni’s Valuable Free Action: “Everybody every single day needs to carve out personal protected times.”

12:32 – Leni’s Valuable Free Resource: Visit Leni’s website and learn how you can leave work at work.

14:02 – The final question: “If I could do it over again, what would I do differently?”

Key Takeaways:

“If they don’t react to given situations and they can role model for someone else, then someone else won’t get triggered, we’ll stop that path that seems to keep happening, and we’ll all just again do what we want to do.” – Leni Kaplan

“A lot of people think they’re the only ones; they feel like everyone else seems to be doing just fine, and I’m like ‘nope’. Everyone is battling with the same things. It’s making it normal to a point that we’re not afraid to talk about it and therefore we can take action about it.” – Leni Kaplan

“It’s got to be an exceptional emergency that my personal protected time gets devoted to someone else.” – Leni Kaplan

“If everyone is happier, just think of how much more productive, less medical mistakes, better care for the animals, the patients; it just ripples and it’s so nice.” – Leni Kaplan

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