Ep028:Helping Veterinary Professionals to Evolve, Align and Design their Lives and Careers with Jenny Guyat


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Do you always find yourself failing at keeping your mind off work even on your day-off schedules and the holidays? Are you the type who gives your all to help everyone else, but have never treated yourself as your own VIP? D

Are you in the field of veterinary practice and you’ve been feeling like the life that you’re living isn’t actually the life that you want to live? Do you find yourself thinking and making decisions that are solely based on what your profession needs you to be? Do you fear failure, change, and the uncertainties these things are with?

Since most of us have chosen career paths in our young adult phases, we usually suffer from identity takeover as we age in the profession that we’ve chosen. It confuses us; it makes us doubt; it gives us a hard time thinking whether we can still live the life we’ve always dreamt about.

Do you want to have the balance in your life and profession and finally be able to live in alignment with who you really are from deep within?

Join us today as we interview your hero – Jenny Guyat!

Jenny Guyat is a personal transformation and career coach who is passionate about helping vet professionals reclaim their identity and figure out what they want from their lives.

In this episode, Jenny guides you on your journey towards evolving, aligning, and designing your life and career into a way that suits you best. Here, she unravels the secrets on where you can start when you’re feeling so lost, discusses how fear and identity takeover affect the way you make choices, and shares valuable tips you can practice in order to fully align your career and life with who you really are.

What you will learn from this episode:

  •  Understand how choosing a profession at a young age might result in identity takeover after spending some time in the field;
  •  Discover how you can work and live in alignment with who you really are from deep within; and
  •  Find out where you can actually start if you really have no clear idea of what you should do first.

Quite often, people just need a protected empathic space where they will figure it out.” – Jenny Guyat

Topics Covered:

01:29 – Jenny describes her ideal client: Veterinary professionals who are unsure if they can create the life that they want from the way they are currently working and have no idea where to start that journey towards change.

03:40 – Problem she solves for her clients: The vet identity takeover.

08:15 – The typical symptoms: (1) The feeling of being trapped, (2) having this massive feeling of guilt, (3) the presence of mental and physical health problems, (4) lack of life balance, and (5) fear of failure and change.

15:12 – The mistakes: (1) Hating the lack of control on things that are happening, (2) throwing out impossible ideas far too quickly, and (3) the mindset.

22:11 – Jenny’s Valuable Free Action: “Don’t just sit there and wait for this to get better, because it won’t. Get some help and support.”

24:46 – Jenny’s Valuable Free Resource: Visit Vet Harmony FREEBIES and get access to a short video series that will help you tune into your feelings, give you an idea on what happens in a coaching process, and let you understand your limiting beliefs and guide you to go past them.

28:29 – Jenny’s Valuable Free Tip: “Think back of your current and previous role, back as far as you need, and try to think of the things that you’ve least enjoyed. Make the list of those, ranked in the worse-worst thing, and if you’ll think what’s the opposite of that, then you can build a list ranked 1 to 10 of the most desired elements the ideal role for you would be good to have.”

Key Takeaways:

“The biggest problem is the vet identity takeover. Most of us chose our profession when we were young adults at least – kind of before you even really find your own identity, and because this is a big vocational role, it can just takeover a little bit and we start living and making decisions based on what the profession needs us to be.” – Jenny Guyat

“You have to redefine failure. It is that growth mindset perspective that kind of fixes mistakes if you like.” – Jenny Guyat

“Don’t wait. Don’t just sit there and wait for this to get better, because it won’t. If you’re feeling out of alignment, get some help and support. There are lots of us – coaches in the veterinary space – who understand the unique challenges that we have as vets.” – Jenny Guyat

“A good coach or mentor should never be trying to push you into work with them. It should be a natural kind of process where both of you go, ‘we need to work together’. That’s the sole feeling that you want.” – Jenny Guyat

“If you don’t know where to start, start with what you don’t want and then flip that to start and get an idea.” – Jenny Guyat

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