EP041: Leadership Development for Veterinary Practices with Randy Hall


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Do you want to build a better culture and make veterinary practice a happy place for both humans and animals to be in?

Have you always wanted to know how to thrive in veterinary medicine rather than barely making it through the day and just really surviving it?

If your answer is yes, then you’re in for an awesome treat today! Join us as we hear what Randy Hall has to say when it comes to creating a different kind of culture at work, coupled with a fully engaged team!

Randy Hall serves as a consultant, coach, and facilitator to help veterinary practices create a culture that engages employees, dramatically improves results, and sustains growth.

In this episode, Randy discusses things that hinder organizations – especially hospitals – when it comes to building a better and positive culture at work with a fully engaged team. Also, he explains how knowing their definition of success leads to such a workplace.

What you will learn from this episode:

  • Why going for policies and punishments don’t really work well on creating a different but positive culture in the veterinary practice
  • How knowing and understanding the team or the organization’s definition of success helps people work towards achieving that goal
  • Why team engagement plays a huge role on changing the culture, from just surviving the practice to actually thriving in it

Top tip will be defining success for your practice or your team or your group of people. When we are moving toward something as a group of people, it starts to change the game a little bit. And when we’re focused on those things, we start to change the way we approach our work.

Randy Hall

Topics Covered:

01:20 – Randy describes his ideal client: Anyone who wants to build a better culture and a happier practice

02:26 – Problem he solves for his clients: The feeling that they’re surviving veterinary medicine instead of thriving in it,and wanting to make positive changes without struggle but not knowing how and where to start

03:30 – The typical symptoms / pain points: The inefficiency, poor communication, increased number of mistakes, and the drama. Symptoms for individuals are burnout, additional stress, and symptoms for organizations is that retention rates go down

05:17 – The mistakes: “They start to double down on things like policies or compliance or punishments or even instructions and micromanagement.”

10:01 – Randy’s Valuable Free Action: “Define success for your practice or your team or your group of people.”

13:04 – Randy’s Valuable Free Resource: Visit VetLead’s website and Facebook page and take advantage of the resources they have to help you build a fully engaged team. 14:17 – Q: How do we teach leadership to veterinary professionals? A: “Leadership is a set of processes. We don’t have to guess about it anymore. We know about the neuroscience. We know how humans respond to feedback. We know what kind of coaching works in an environment to help people perform at a higher level, just because there’s been enough research done on it. There are new processes, approaches, models, systems, tools and habits we can build as leaders that will help us get the results we really want rather than just the ones our impulses will kind of lead us to or our most comfortable style will lead us to, because it’s not the thing.”

Key Takeaways:

“Disengaged people just don’t do work well.” – Randy Hall

“Policies really don’t work. Increased consequences really don’t work. There may be a human or two inside our practice that we need to have a different kind of conversation with, and consequences are part of that; that’s fine. But let’s not change the entire infrastructure and feeling in our business just because we’ve got a couple of people that aren’t doing the right things.” – Randy Hall

“Our brains are so much better at moving toward something than away from something. When we’re moving away from something, it’s a stressful survival kind of situation, and we don’t do it well and it doesn’t feel pleasant while it’s happening; we’re just running from the tiger. But when we are moving toward something as a group of people, it starts to change the game a little bit. And when we’re focused on those things, we start to change the way we approach our work.” – Randy Hall

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