Ep026: Vet and Pet SEO Internet Marketing Partner for Veterinarians with Brandon Boyd


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Are you a veterinarian, a pet care store owner, or a person who does work in the veterinary space who wants to grow your business despite the great competition large companies are presenting? Are you planning to start a roll-up company and are looking into the expansion of your revenue in order to grow and purchase another practice?

Do you believe that you have a service or a product that is great for the market but you’re afraid to push it on your own?

Grow your business into its fullest potential as Brandon helps you step out of those doubts and finally make the move towards impeccable growth!

Brandon Boyd is a Marketing Engineer who helps veterinarians and vetrepreneurs implement and manage high return on investment in marketing campaigns and strategy by using data analytics and creative content catered specifically to pet owners.

In this episode, Brandon talks about dominating digital for local exposure as he discusses veterinarian’s common case of struggling with business growth and expansion because of their eagerness to be a master in both marketing and vet science. Here, he shares tips and valuable insights you can digest and apply in your practice so you can do business without losing yourself to stress and fatigue.

What you will learn from this episode:

  • Understand why veterinarians and other people in the veterinary space struggle with growing their business through marketing and data;
  • Discover ways on how you can overcome compassion fatigue in the practice; and·        
  • Find out tips and get access to a checklist that is designed to help you keep your contents in a certified gatekeeper quality.

You don’t have to be the best in the biggest city; you just have to be the best in that 15-mile radius that you service.

Brandon Boyd

Topics Covered:

01:35 – Brandon describes his ideal client: the vetrepreneurs.

03:39 – Problem he solves for his clients: The struggle of great veterinarians in growing their business through marketing and data.

05:39 – The typical symptoms: The presence of compassion fatigue in the practice where you are almost numb to the feeling of not being valued.

09:15 – The mistakes: (1) Veterinarians trying to become a master in both marketing and veterinary science thus leading to stress, and (2) going cheap with the things they do once they realize it’s not the field of their geniuses.

13:18 – Brandon’s Valuable Free Action: “Create more content and stories on what you do day-to-day.”

15:42 – Brandon’s Valuable Free Resource: Check out Brandon’s Ultimate Veterinary Practice and Pet Care Center Online Marketing Checklist and make sure that you’re keeping your website and contents compelling with a gatekeeper quality!17:12 – The final question: “How to play the local game when you have so many roll-up veterinary companies coming to this mile of areas?”

Key Takeaways:

“You are told not to compete but to collaborate more as a veterinarian, but in business, it’s all about competition.” – Brandon Boyd

“Create more content and stories on what you do day-to-day.” – Brandon Boyd

“The one way that a local practice can compete is garner the power of your relationships.” – Brandon Boyd

“At the end of the day, social media is nothing but an amplifier of what you already have. So if you have good content, if you have relationships, and you already have a great communication and content model, social media and running ads on social media just amplify what you’ve already done – what you’ve already proved to work – to a much bigger audience.” – Brandon Boyd

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