The VETT Method …

… is a KEY POINTS learning and training system with simple implementation plans that reliably and predictably get training and learning done quickly, efficiently and effectively to develop competent, knowledgeable and happier veterinary teams performing with maximum productivity. It resolves continuous employee recruitment and retention worries and their associated costs while increasing revenues, profits and satisfaction levels.

This is a training solution for independent veterinary practice owners who want to make more money, enjoy more time and have more fun in their practices without increasing payroll or working longer hours. 

The VETT Method will define your practice’s training needs and formulate a bespoke training and implementation programme for developing a veterinary team that has outstanding knowledge and productivity.

About Sanjay Mangabhai


Sanjay is a veterinary surgeon with 31 years’ experience in first opinion, small animal veterinary practice, including 19 years starting, developing and growing a 5-vet, 3-site, veterinary group with revenues in excess of £1 million. And because he progressively took himself out of the value delivery loop, the practices ran without his direct input – something Sanjay is very proud to have achieved. This gave him more free time, increased financial return and greater personal reward

He has genuine hands-on, in the trenches, experience. He doesn’t just know the theory, he has been there, dealing daily with all aspects of running and managing a modern and successful veterinary business – making those difficult decisions, dealing with the chaos and all the challenges, taking risks with people and new services, getting vets to charge properly, coping with the frustrations of staffing, the disappointments, and …. also  overcoming the challenges and experiencing the joys and successes.

Over many years, he has personally and meticulously documented a multitude of practice protocols and processes and developed specific training systems for successfully organizing and optimizing the productivity of a team of 23, across the group. This …… is what enabled his business to grow and run successfully, again, without him working directly in it.

 SEE SANJAY in his first practice

This video was produced by the RCVS to help broaden the range of applicants to vet school and explain the many different career options available with a veterinary degree.

Many of the videos, photos and images on the website are from the practices that I ran and managed

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The VETT Method

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The VETT Method

9 Steps to the Perfect Consult

The consultation is the HEART of veterinary practice. Most medical work generated starts in the consulting room.

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The VETT Method


The Perfect Veterinary Consult

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